Practicalities of the prayer at the Cathedral

This page has a few notes for people wanting to join us at the Cathedral, to help to set their expectations.
Latest update, 9 June 2012.

We try to start promptly at 6:15, and end promptly at 6:45pm.

This is much more about prayer than protest - people across the UK have also joined the praying from home. 

For those wanting to come and unsure quite where we will be: its obvious when you come (but not until about 13 minutes after 6; too cold to hang around). We usually stand at the top of the steps up from the sculptures, near the double doors to the Cathedral.  Don't expect a lot of people to be there.

We have thought about how much silence to keep. Silence seems especially appropriate given how many problems are being caused by words. It can take us into prayer in places where our routine ways of thinking do not. But we concluded that 30 minutes prayer-time each evening invites some more structure, for example ensuring we always begin with penitence for our own failngs.

We usually follow this page based on the prayer of the Iona Community, with 20 minutes of silence.  There are also a few quotes and related prayers on the reverse side of that page.

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