Sunday, 22 April 2012


At the Vigil over the last few days, after the prayer-time we have been pondering whether we should just allow the Vigil to grow organically by word of mouth, or more actively invite new participants, for if there are people who would like to join us in the prayer, we'd like to have contacted them. We leave this invitation here for anyone who happens to see it, in case they wish to join in.

You are invited to pray between now and Pentecost for an increased outpouring of the Spirit into the RC Church. People have begun to meet for 30 minutes at 6:15 each evening for quiet prayer outside the RC Cathedral in Edinburgh. Others are joining us in prayer from wherever else they are.

Why meet outside the Cathedral? Firstly, we feel alienated by the institutional RC Church, yet still feel that we belong to the Church. Secondly, what we are doing seems controversial in the light of recent history, for we might expect that:
  • The Spirit will lead us to engage with the marginalised, as did Christ. The current Mass text has had the effect of marginalising the engaged – many of us influenced by Vatican II feel that has happened to us.
  • The Spirit will lead to a myriad people exploring and speaking of new ways in which God is at work in the world. Recently people have been silenced by the Vatican for doing this. 
  • The Spirit will burn more strongly in every heart and mind, not only fall like the dew onto bread and wine (as in the new Eucharistic Prayer).
If you wish to join us to pray, come to the Roman Catholic Cathedral at 6:15pm, or if you cannot, we hope that you will pray from wherever you are.

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